Jarema Maria

A painter, sculptress, stage designer.
She was born in 1908 in Stary Sambor. Died in1958 in Cracow. Between 1929-35 she studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Art in Cracow at Xawery Dunikowski’s atelier. She was the co-founder of avant-garde and radically left-wing Cracow Group. Before the Second World War she took up mainly sculpture, which she gave up after the war for painting. She created abstract paintings. Since 1951 she made monotypings. By using this technique and combining it with oil paints and tempera she created one of the most famous of her series of paintings – Penetrations and Rhymes. She cooperated with the Cricot and Cricot 2 theatres.



  • Fibak Collection Gallery
  • Krakowskie Przedmieście 5
  • 00-068, WARSAW
  • phone: +48 22 320 02 54
  • phone/fax: +48 22 320 02 97
  • e-mail:

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