Kierzkowski Bronisław

A painter.
He was born in 1924 in Łódź, died in 1993 in Warsaw.
Kierzkowski was the student of W. Strzemiński at the Academy of Arts in Łódź, then he studied in Gdańsk (1948-1950) and Warsaw’s Academy of Fine Arts under E. Eibisch. He was also a lecturer of art academies in Warsaw, Toruń and Lublin. He took part in events essential for the Polish Art: I Biennale of Spatial Forms in Elbląg (1965), Symposium of Artists and Scientists in Puławy (1966), Symposium of the Golden Circle in Zielona Góra (1967). Typical for his style are structural compositions, assemblages, where he incorpporated ready-made, metal objects into his paintings.



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