Potworowski Piotr

A painter and stage designer
He was born on the 14th of June 1898 in Warsaw, died on the 24th of April 1962. He is one of the greatest painters of the postwar period in Poland. He was the student of Józef Pankiewicz at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, under the patronage of whom a group of students, among others: Jan Cybis, Hanna Rudzka Cybisowa, Józef Czapski, Artur Nacht-Samborski and Zygmunt Waliszewski, set up an organization called “Paris Comitee”, the aim of which was going to Paris and continuing studies based on the tradition of French painting. In Paris Potworowski trained under F Leger for some time. After the outbreak of the Second World War he stayed in Scotland till 1954. At that time he made several journeys round Europe. In 1958 he returned to Poland. Most of his painting were landscapes excellent color-wise. Together with the development of his style he gradually aspired to the synthesis of the form and consequently to abstraction.



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