Wierusz Kowalska Janina

Janina Wierusz Kowalska comes from a family boasting artistic talents. One of her ancestors, Alfred Jan Wierusz Kowalski was an apprentice of Joseph Brandt and a great Polish painter, who represented the Munich School with a title of ‘honorary professor of the Munich Academy of Fine Arts’.
She studied Industrial Design and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. She founded and supervised The School of Visual Arts, for which she created her own program, connecting the Socratic idea of creative dialoque with the universal, interdisciplinary education based on great ideas of Bauhaus. She practices painting, drawing, textile installation and photography. She sporadically and selectively designs interiors of both public and private buildings while treating each and every project as a unique and inimitable piece of art. She participated in art events and exhibitions, including: Buenos Aires (UTPBA) - 1996, Brussels (Galerie Art-Pol) - 2000,Warsaw (Katarzyna Napiórkowska's Gallery of Contemporary Arts) - 2001, Żywiec (The Old Castle) - 2004, Bielsko-Biała (Gallery BWA) - 1994, 1995, Warsaw (Gallery Zapiecek) "Amici di Tworki" - 2002, 2005, Warsaw "The painting of the year" the competition of Art & Business 2002. Being the autor of essays and outlines on the theory of art she reveals her passion for writing. She is a member of A.P.A.J.T.E. - Polish Association of Authors, Journalists and Translators, the headquartes of which functions in Paris. She cooperates with the "Amici di Tworki", association whose workings have been incorporated into the "Schizophrenia - Open The Doors".


With presenting examples of my painting I express hope, that they will attract viewer’s interest. These works constitute only part of my artistic output and they are the result of giving a serious thought, supported by an intensive preparatory work. Along with the gradual maturation of my painting, the awareness of the truth about today’s visual world, that is also the archaic world in its timeless values, has also matured in my mind. Over the time, I learned to express that truth, with more and more universal and synthetic language. I have a deep desire for my paintings to have the maximum impact, but impact not extracted through improvisation, but within the context of project accomplishment. This aspect is defined by the rules of the natural world. Within the process of creation, I keep being fascinated by proportions, balance and harmony, which are the fundamental truths of the spiritual world. In my opinion, the line, plane and colour, adhere to the realism to the same extent as the landscapes, objects and images, and abstraction becomes a reality on par with the painted genre scene. It is a matter of choice and interpretation of those elements of reality, the existence of which we are often not even aware of, as they are of such a little importance to us. But when they happen to be noticed, they gain the power to agitate the imagination.



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